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Inside This Exhibit

How to Use this Website: Below are the contents of the exhibit. The start of each category is linked for easy access. Or, meet the goddesses of New York by following the links on the right side of this page. Take a full tour or click on any individual link to see the content. (Note: The site is in the process of being proofread again; please forgive any typos.)


Thank you for visiting!


This is a labor of love, and a final graduate school project, from Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway.




An overview of this exhibit, a historical recap from The Goddess and Public History exhibit, and an exploration of the different ways goddesses may be presented and defined.


  • Welcome to the Exhibit
  • Exploring the Goddess in History
  • Archetypes, Allegories, or Goddesses?


Goddess History in New York

Goddess roots stretch back in time. Discover some of the hidden connections between New York's history and divine females from ancient times.


  • NYS is Supported by Goddesses
  • Goddess of Liberty
  • Goddess of Justice
  • Goddess of Harmony
  • Goddess Diana


Goddesses in NY Museums

Some of New York's museums are filled with divine and sacred females and their consorts. Take a curated, online tour of some of the City's most amazing representatives of the goddess through history and cultural heritage from around the world.


  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The Asia Society
  • The Rubin Museum of Art
  • The National Museum of the American Indian/US Customs House


The Goddess and Her Many Forms

As you search for the divine feminine in museums and cultural institutions you will find certain themes arise. In New York, there are many examples of goddesses, especially in the categories below.


  • Divine Mothers in Museums
  • Protector and Warrior Goddesses
  • (More) Bodhisattvas in Museums
  • Goddess Lovers, Mates, and Consorts in Museums
  • Goddess Symbols in Museums


International Goddesses in NY

Countries from around the world gift the United Nations with their beloved national goddesses. Meet some of the unique divinities that reside in the UN's New York building.


  • Goddesses at the United Nations


Athena-Minerva Has a Monumental Presence

She has stood the test of time and this ancient Greek and Roman goddess can be found in museums, monuments, landmarks, and parks. Here are a few of her most famous NYC abodes.


  1. Herald Square's Minerva, Owls, and Cartoids (Manhattan)
  2. Athens Park is Athena's Temple in Nature (Queens)
  3. Greenwood's Altar to Liberty (Brooklyn)


Goddess Monuments, Landmarks, and Historical Places

You may be surprised by some of the places you will find ancient goddesses among the towering concrete jungle of New York City. Here are some that we discovered, beginning in lower Manhattan and ending in the upper Westside (with a shout-out to Upstate NY)


  • Goddesses of 100 Broadway
  • 195 Broadway Elements
  • Temperance Fountains
  • The (Reappearing) Goddesses of Penn Station
  • Nike and Goddess Victory
  • Goddesses Fountains
  • Alma Mater at Columbia University
  • Goddesses Most High
  • Theater and Music Goddesses
  • Upstate NY Goddesses


Goddess Sightings

If you have goddesses on your mind, you will start to see them everywhere. From divine females on the street to the windows and shelves of stores, here are a few favorites.


  • Goddess Sightings and Snapshots


Visiting Goddesses

There are exhibitions and art installations that feature goddesses that come and go. Here, we document and share some of the awesome goddesses that have visited New York in the last three years.


  • Buddhist Lakshmi - The Met - 2023
  • Enheduanna and Inanna - The Morgan - 2022
  • Ancient Near Eastern Goddess Art - The Met - 2022
  • Athena and the Sphinx - The Met - 2022
  • Judy Chicago "Herstory"- The New Museum - 2024
  • Goddess Art Installations - 2021-2024
  • Medusa and Her Head - 2021-2022
  • Goddesses That Once Graced Museums and Adjacent Areas - 2021 - 2023


Holy Mothers

New York is filled with places of worship that represent religions and traditions that honor and worship goddesses. Here is a sampling. The Madonna is included as a sacred female and spiritual mother who has meaning to people of many different faiths.


  • Blessed Virgin
  • Hindu Temples and Shrines
  • Buddhist Temples and Shrines


Goddesses in the Archives

There are archival images throughout the site to help tell the history of the goddesses. Here are some additional images from, or related to, New York that show both historical and ancient goddesses.


  • Goddess Photos of Yore
  • Goddesses in the NYPL Collection


Final Thoughts

Repatriation may change the access and availability of goddesses in New York as cultures of origin begin to demand the return of goddesses that are part of their cultural heritage. Let's be grateful for those who have been here for a while and let's appreciate those who remain.


  • Gratitude and Repatriation
  • Athena-Minerva and Other Goddesses Live On
  • A Vision for this Exhibit
  • Copyright Details and Thank You for Visiting!


This exhibit was created independently of New York's museums, cultural centers, and historical sites.


It is also not connected to, or funded by, New York State.


Please support New York's museums and cultural centers and visit these goddesses if you can.